Morning Prayer

A common Prayer is said by the leader & they repeat invoking the blessing of God of their believe.

A leader is selected to conduct the Exercise under the supervision of the teachers.The teachers help them when they fail or could not cope up with the exercise.

Morning Exercise
General Cleaning

The Trainees are grouped to take up cleaning
and sweeping to keep the house and the
surroundings clean

The boys occupy one side and the girls take the other side and thus they are separated.The learning materials are supplied by the center.

Learning Time
Work Time

We are in the process of assessing the ability of the Trainees giving them variety of handicraft works. On finding their interest and capabilities, they will be given training in that trade, giving opportunity to master that skill.
1) Carpets Making
2) Broomstick Making
3) Ekal Broom
4) Key Tags Making

Together We Can Make a Difference