Together We Can
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Generosity is the manner in which it is bestowed

Dedicated for
special need youth

In Eastern province Sri Lanka

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We take up affected youths who need special guidance on their future and
we do train up for them to enhance knowledge and confidence in their life.                       We enroll in youth trainees who have special talents and needs around                Batticaloa and the Eastern part of the country.

The duration of this course is maximum 4 years,including 1 year of “on the job Training”

We provide this training free of charge. We teach the youths basic mathematics, reading, writing, handling the money deals, shopping, social, public & personal behaviors, and technical skills with the ability to do market demanding. Also, we train up the youths in making various handicraft works as well to identify the interest of each and everyone is in.

Our Training

Most of these youths are illiterate and below
standard. We categorized our teaching based on:

Alphabets, Numbers, Measurements, Arithmetic, Reading & Writing.
Identification of money value, counting and cash dealings.
Shopping buying, selling, personal and social contacts.
Travelling, Ticketing & behaviour in public.
Impart Technical skill to ones ability and market demand.

Our vision

Forming youths with special needs to be independent, infusing confidence

and courage for their better mental grain full living

Collaborate for rally support

A dream in their mind is our mission

Online fundraising

The morality of the beneficiary is improved radically

self confidence

The courage and self confidence is infused in them

Ability to earn an income

Ability to earn an income by the beneficiary for the family, rather than a burden to them.


When family support is denied, the skill learned should give a helping hand to live on.

Stared with
current student
Participant Trainees
Numbers of days

our Plan

We will include Physically affected youths in the training, whom we think are the most suitable for this type of training.

Children affected with Autistic behaviors are also our next task to include in our training.

Along with these we have planned to, make cement Blocks, flower Tree products, Palmyra things products, Handles, Vegetable Garden and Make Basic computer knowledge

Together We Can Make a Difference

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